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eLearning Lab: The Subliminal about Millennials

Okay, Okay, we get it! Everybody hates a Millennial, until you NEED a Millennial! We've heard it all: entitled, impatient, disconnected, lazy, lacking focus, disrespectful. However, like it or not Millenials are here to stay; in fact within the next two years we will represent the majority in the workforce. So what's REALLY happening underneath the labels? How has the history of our country & immediate communities colored the fabric of our beings? And most importantly how do we identify the assets that each generation brings to various settings in order to best ease communication and leverage our collective capacity.

Join us for part 2 of the eLearning Lab as we explore the Subliminal about these complex (and misunderstood) Millennials! As an added bonus your registration for this event entitles you to a discounted subscription to future eLearning Labs.

Webinar link will be provided following registration.