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We work to inspire professionals, deepen impact, and challenge the status quo of service delivery in Middle Tennessee and across the Southern Region. We provide interactive, comprehensive, evidence-based and informed services for nonprofit, for-profit, and government entities including:


Looking to pilot a new, innovative initiative? Let us walk you through a strategic, outcomes-driven planning & design process. When you’re ready to launch, leverage our capacity to free up yours.


Whether your focus is internal, assessing organizational culture or a specific department’s operational structure, or external facing assessing service delivery or market relevance, we are here to be a supportive & unbiased eye.

Episodic or temporary projects not the best use of your human capacity? Pass it our way and allow our amazing team of expert practitioners to exceed your expectations.

Have a vision for where you want to go, but need help getting there? Let our expertise create the most impactful, goal orientated roadmap for both your youth and adult learners.

Ready to take your volunteer engagement to the next level? Leverage our sector experts to achieve your unique organizational goals and become the best steward of community members’ time, talent and treasure.

Looking to address a skill, knowledge or behaviour gap for your team? Let us create a tailor made, experiential learning opportunity achieving specific outcomes designed to push your organization from the inside out.

Workshop Development & Group Facilitation

Have a topic in mind, but ready to pass the baton to a content and learning expert? Sit back and allow us to do the heavy lifting across a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to: intergenerational differences in the workplace, risk management, communication differences, conflict resolution, team building, and philanthropic patterns.

Continuing to remove barriers for professionals seeking to learn, grow and develop, The Burnett Group is excited to bring transformative content directly to the comfort of your home. See what's on the calendar and register by clicking the logo above.


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